Philadelphia's Premier Recording Studio

The Studio is owned by veteran music producer, musician and arranger Larry Gold. It's located in downtown Philadelphia in a 20,000 sq ft factory loft. Since 1996, The Studio has been the home to many independent and established artists.


Boasting two great studios with state of the art equipment, including ProTools HD 7.2.:


"STUDIO J" is a George Augspurger designed studio that features his custom monitors. The control room is 500 sq. ft. and the studio is 400 sq. ft. with 1 iso-room.


Our Inventory of Equipment in “Studio J” Includes:
SSL J-9000 Series 72 input console
Pro Tools HD System{64 Outputs}
Studer A-827 Multi track or Sony JH-24 Multi track with Timeline Lynx modules
(6) Neve 33129
(1) Tubetech SMC 2B Stereo Multiband Compressor
(1) Aphex gate model 622
(1) Urei LA-3A
(2) Focusrite ISA 110
(1) Apogee PSX-100 A/D convertor
(1) Lexicon 480 L
(2) Tubetech Mastering EQ-1AM
(1) Pultec EQP-1
(1) Pultec EQH-2
(1) Api Lunchbox with (2) 560 EQ & (2) 550 EQ
(1) T.C. Electronics D-Two
(1) Lexicon PCM 422
(1) Yamaha SPX 90
(1) Eventide H3000 Ultra Harmonizer
(1) Eventide H910 Harmonizer
(1) Eventide Instant Flanger
(1) DBX 160
(1) DBX xt
(2) Urei 1176
(1) Drawmer 1960 Stereo Compressor
(2) Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor
(1) Tubetech LCA2B Stereo Compressor
(2) Sony R500 DAT Machines
(1) Sony CDR-W66
(2) Yamaha NS-10S
(2) Auratones
(2) Proac



"STUDIO A" is a George Augspurger designed studio that features his custom-designed monitors. Our control room is 500sq. ft. and the studio is 1200sq. ft. with 2 iso-rooms and 14.5 ft. ceilings. Our recording space features a Steinway Model M Grand Piano, Hammond B-3 Organ/Leslie, vintage wurlizter electric pianos, Clavinet and Fender Rhodes.


Our Inventory of Equipment in “Studio A” Includes:
 SSL-4048E/G Recording Console (E-series EQ's and G-series computer)
(6) Neve 33129 MK/LINE PRE EQ
Studer A-827 Multi track
Sony JH-24 Multi track synchronized with Timeline Lynx modules
Pro-tools HD System
(2) Panasonic SV-3700 DAT Recorders w/Apogee AD-1000 A/D converters
(1) HHB CDR 850
(1) Tascam CD-401 Mk III CD Player
(1) Massenburg EQ
(2) Focusrite ISA-215 Pre-amp-EQ
(2) API 550b EQ's
(2) API 560b EQ's
(1) Pultec EQP-1
(1) Pultec MEQ-5
(1) Mooger Fooger LPF
(2) Tube Tech LCA-2B Stereo Compressor
(1) Drawmer 1960 Compressor
(2) 1176 Compressors
(2) UREI LA-3A
(1) LA2A
(2) EL-8 Distressor
(5) DBX 902 De-esser
(2) DBX 903 comp.
(2) DBX 904 Gate
(1) Eventide DSP-4000
(1) TC Electronics M-5000
(1) Lexicon 480L
(1) Lexicon PCM-42
(1) Lexicon PCM-80
(1) Yamaha SPX-900
(1) Yamaha SPX-90
(1) Aphex Noise Gates
(2) Yamaha NS-10
(2) Auratones
(2) Auxburger Moniters
(1) Yamaha Drum Kit
(1) MCD Drum Kit
(1) Gretsch Drum Kit

Partial Microphone List:
Neumann U-87's, U-67's, U-47's, M-149, TLM-193
AKG-C 12 and 414's
Cole Ribbons
B+K 4006
Sony C-800
Sennheisers, Shures, etc.